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Chart's Commitment to Equity

We understand that the more variety we have in our perspectives, and ideas the more successful we are. Deshalb sorgen wir aktiv dafür, dass alle Ebenen unserer Chart Familie der Gesellschaft gleichen, in der wir leben. Wir bemühen uns nicht nur, unseren Chart Teammitgliedern alles zu geben, was sie brauchen, um ihre beruflichen Träume zu erfüllen, sondern wir sorgen auch dafür, dass sie sich dabei wohl fühlen. 

Women in Leadership

"I'm always thinking there has to be a better way of doing something and this job gives me the opportunity to do that on a regular basis."

What is your favorite thing about Chart's culture?

Everyone's willingness to help both internally and externally. Seeing all of the emails over the last couple months where people are helping to create masks and provide food and supplies has been heartwarming. We are all busy and have a lot on our plates but anytime I have asked someone to spend a few minutes explaining somthing to me, helping me fix and issue , or brainstorm new ideas, they are happy to do so.

What makes you successful in this role?

My team. The people I work with have such strong work ethic, knowledge and experience.


Nikki Spillers

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

How we are making more impact

We recognize that despite meeting or exceeding industry standards, we can still do better. To further ingrain Diversity and Inclusion our Culture we have established an employee driven, executive leadership sponsored Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


To focus our efforts we have created 6 subcommittees that target specific impact areas. Each committee is sponsored by a member of the Executive Staff. They include:

  • Gemeinschaftliches Engagement
  • Talent/Hiring/Development
  • Interne und externe Kommunikation
  • Ausbildung und Schulung
  • Breite Einbindung des Teams
  • Mitarbeiterengagement

Zusammensetzung des Ausschusses

Over 50 Chart team members of differing backgrounds from all functions and job levels have joined the committee.

Representative Locations

The number of locations across the US, China, India, Italy, and the Czech Republic from which the committee team members work.

Subcommittee Interest

The number of subcommittees that address targeted areas of impact.

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